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Clear & Energize Your Aura

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The Purpose

The purpose of this energy exercise is to clear the energy field that surrounds you, called your aura. Energy debris can leak in through tears or holes in your aura. Your aura surrounds you 360°, it ideally reaches to your fingertips. That will be covered in another blog and video.

Working with Subtle Energy

Energies enter into our aura in different ways. Low vibration emotions emanate from other people and enter our energy field. Our own emotions to a situation may also create a low vibration in our own aura. For example you have left a patient/client/customer/loved one and you feel helpless, hopeless, frustrated or humiliated. The emotion has created low vibration energies in your aura. Clearing it while it is still in your aura is best. Try this: when your child or baby has had a meltdown, quickly clear their aura of low vibrations. It’s amazing to see how quickly they return to their normal happy selves! For a list of low and high vibration emotions click here.

Adding in Essential Oils & Color

There are other healing modalities that can be brought into this exercise to enhance the clearing of your aura. Sounds such as toning or humming, color, crystals or stones and essential oils all have cleansing and renewing qualities. I often use a Selenite crystal in my practice when clearing and working with a client's aura.

In order to get the most out of this exercise I invite you to set your intent before you start. For example, "My intent of this exercise is to clear, support and strengthen my aura". If there is a color you associate with cleansing or clearing bring the color, into your mind as you clear. If there is an essential oil you would like to use, pick one that attracts you intuitively or see suggestions at the end of the blog. There are links for additional information on the essential oils and how to purchase them. Click here to bring up a list of color meanings.

The hand motion of brushing a hair off of clothing

you are wearing, is the same motion used to brush debris away from your aura. Don’t worry if your hands are not doing it just like mine, the brushing motion which feels most comfortable will be the right way for you to do it!

When To Clear

Suggestions of when to clear your aura. Pay attention to subtle changes of how you felt before and after:

  • After you watch or read something upsetting.

  • After you have heard some upsetting news.

  • After you have had a disagreement.

  • Before you go to bed at night

  • At work when feeling stressed.

Clear and Energize Your Aura Steps

  1. Start with your hands above your head to the right side of your body with wrists bent and fingertips facing forward.

  2. With a brushing, sweeping motion of down and away, brush through your energy field from the top of your head to the ground brushing the energy to the earth to be recycled.

  3. Return your hands above two hand widths towards center. Repeat step 2. (See Video)

  4. Continue this process in an arc across your bo

dy from right to left.

  1. Repeat this process across the front again but with the intention that you are clearing your backside.

  2. Or, if your arms allow you to reach behind you, follow the process of clearing your back as you did your front, using a brushing motion that feels most comfortable.

  1. Now to bring fresh energy to your aura, you can pick an essential oil that will bring in a high vibration. Apply it to your hands and breathe it in and set your intent that you are bringing fresh high vibration energy or say a positive affirmation like, I fill my aura with love and gratitude so that all that I send and receive will be filtered with love and gratitude.

  2. Bring to mind a metallic color such a gold, silver or copper as those colors are good for shielding or reflecting.

  3. Now start bent over to one side and with a motion of rolling your hands toward you, start rolling the new high vibration energy filled with color, intent and essential oils up your body and over your head.

  4. Continue this pattern in an arc across your body as you did during the clearing. (See Video)

  5. Repeat this process across the front again but with the intention that you are bringing in new energy to your backside.

  6. Or, if your arms allow you to reach behind you, follow the process as best as you can using intent to do the rest.

This is a great gift to do on a loved one and to have them do on you!


Suggested Complementary Essential Oils

Essential Oils For Clearing

  • Lavender - is an adaptogenic that will be used how the body needs it.

  • Lemon - do not use on hands if going to be in the sun w/in 12 hours- lemon is a natural purifier and cleanser.

  • Peppermint - is an adaptogenic that will be used how that body needs it.

  • Thieves - a natural purifier and cleanser blend that was formulated after a “Thieves Vinegar” that was used to stop the Plague.

  • White Angelica - supports the dissipation of negative emotions in the aura

Essential Oils For Protecting and Renewing

  • White Angelica - is my recommendation for using in the aura as it was specially formulated to protect against negative energies. It helps to increase your aura around you.

  • Frankincense - this oil has a high vibration of 147 Mhz. This oil is considered a Holy Oil in the middle east and has been used historically to improve communication with our Creator or Higher Power.

  • Lavender - this oils has a vibration of 118 Mhz and is an adaptogenic that will be used how the body needs it. It is also calming and soothing.

  • Joy - A blend when inhaled opens blocks so memories of receiving love, sharing loving times or love of self can flow.

  • Hope - A blend when inhaled reconnects us with a feeling of strength and grounding.

  • Gratitude - A blend when inhaled is relaxing and can open the heart and mind to receive the gifts that are given each day.

For additional information on Young Living essential oils and how to purchase them, please visit my website at

To schedule an energy coaching session, contact me at 248 203 7744 or

Amy Wellein

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Apr 14, 2020

Thanks for sharing another way to improve my day!

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